Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In which Sharon states her position clearly

Lest there be any doubt after my last post, let me state my position clearly: there are inflexible, dogmatic, partisan jerks on both sides of the political divide. That is all. Sharon out.


Mrs. George L. O'Hirlihy said...

Of which you are one. Of that there can be no doubt.

sharon said...

I believe lack of doubt is a hallmark of the above. Just sayin'.

Mrs. George L. O'Hirlihy said...

Indeed. A lack of doubt, and an inability to examine oneself in a rational fashion is a hallmark of a fanatical partisan. And it is a decidedly distasteful characteristic. That you are unable to see this in yourself, by way of your expressed, written opinions, is your cross to bear. Your attempt to turn my words into an attack upon myself is facile. True conservatives need not fear hypocrisy, as they are constant in all things.

sharon said...

Dear Mrs. O'H,

I am sorry you feel this way. You, with your bedrock conservative principles, will scarcely credit this, but there are people who seek to conceal their true natures by masquerading under an assumed online persona! Whether that be my case or not, I leave to the astute reader to decide. It is likely, however, that I am still a creep.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...
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